Friday, May 30, 2008

A Package Full of Midnight

I have been expecting a package for the last week and a half. Not just any ordinary package either. This package is special. It had to travel thousands of miles, across land and sea to get to me. What is in this package is coveted by hundreds of thousands of people.

Well the other day IT arrived in my mailbox!

Hmmm, can this really be it? I've waited so long, and not too patiently.

I opened up the package. Low and behold, right in front of my eyes was the cherished object.

I present to you, the contents of the package. Dum dum da dum.....

Here are my reactions...

Pride & Boasting- I've got something you want, but can't have. Naw, naw, nawnaw, naw! ;p

Joy- I can't believe it's actually mine! Yippeeeee!

Love & Adoration- Ahhh Edward. *sigh*

And now that I've made a complete fool out of myself (yes I admit it, I am a nerd. lol), I'll tell you exactly what it is.

In the UK, and I think maybe Germany too, at Borders bookstore they were giving the first chapter of Midnight Sun, to everyone who bought The Host. This is not sold anywhere else, except there.

I was able to win a copy of it on eBay 2 weeks ago. I have, since then, been anxiously awaiting its arrival.

What, may you ask, is Midnight Sun? Well, I'll tell you. It is a book that Stephenie Meyer is writing that is the companion copy to her first book; Twilight. It is Edward's point of view. You get to be in Edward's head for the whole book. And see a ton of things that you don't get to see in Twilight.

Stephenie, last I read, is about 2/3's of the way finished with it now. And all her fans are very, very excited to be getting this. We are crossing our fingers that we will get the fully completed book next year.

Anyway, this is the first publication out there, of the 1st chapter of Midnight Sun. Which, you can go read on Stephenie's website, if you want to (BUT ONLY IF YOU'VE READ TWILIGHT FIRST!).

So what is the huge deal about getting it in print, if you can read it on her site?

Well, number one, I always would rather have it in print, than read it on the computer. On her website it is protected, so you can't print it out, or mess with it.

Number two, it is a collector's item. As a daughter of an antique dealer, I have always been partial to collecting vintage and antique items, that I love. So I look at this as no different.

Plus it is so fun to read the first chapter in Twilight, and then compare it to the first chapter of Midnight Sun. And then daydream about what the rest of the book is going to be like from Edward's POV. :D

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sierra's Spring Performance

Sierra's preschool had an Open House and singing performance a few weeks back. The little ones were so cute. Each age group performed their own songs, and then at the end, all of them sang together.

Sierra's Pre-K class sang "I can sing a rainbow", "I am a pizza", and "the ABC song forwards and backwards". And for the finale, the song was "Hola Amigo". Which, if the teachers had let them, the kids probably would've just kept on singing it over and over again until their little lungs ran out of air. lol

My camera refused to take good pictures in the theatre. Sorry the quality is bad.

For the rainbow song each of the kids held up a different color, and when they sang that color, the child would hold it up. Sierra's was the color green.

The pizza song was very fun. The kiddos got to wear chef hats while they sang it.

After the singing adventure, there were refreshments out on the patio area. All the parents were asked to bring a dozen cookies. So there were a lot of goodies to choose from, and punch to drink.

Don't bother me while I'm eating!

When dessert was over, we went and looked in Sierra's room at all the different artwork on the walls. It was a nice night. I just love watching little kids perform for us. They are just so animated and enthusiastic in everything they do.

Sierra's friend, Taylor, decided she wanted to be in our family photos.

Dan had to go straight to work after the performance. Which is why he is in this interesting ensemble. lol

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Open House and Spring Sing

A couple weeks ago was Dallin's school Open House. We had a nice time checking out his classroom, and seeing all the work he did throughout the school year. His map was on display, along with all his classmates' maps. There were a lot of very clever maps made. But I was sort of partial to Dallin's. In my opinion, it was the best of the bunch. :D

He had on his desk, a big book that his teacher made for each class member, of some of the projects they made each month, and what they learned. I thought this was such a thoughtful keepsake. It was really appreciated on my end, as it has saved me a lot of time in trying to put one together. lol

After checking out all the fun stuff in the classroom, Dan, Sierra, and I went outside to wait for the Spring Sing performance. Each Fall and Spring, the elementary kids perform songs for all the parents and family. It is so fun to watch. The kids are such cuties. It was too bad we were so far away, I couldn't get a good picture of Dallin singing. Plus he had a taller kid right in front of him, and I had a tree I was trying to shoot around. So in the picture, you can kind of see the top of his head. Thankfully the school is selling DVD's of the performance. So we bought one of those, in the hopes of actually seeing him.

He's in the second row from the bottom, in the right side bleachers, but on the left side

Dallin's group sang the theme song from "A Bugs Life", and one of the songs from "High School Musical". The theme this year was Saying Goodbye, but not in a sad way. Because half the school (including Dallin and Sierra next year) will be going to the new elementary school that is just down the street from us. This school is actually just a few streets down from the school he is at now, so literally the two schools will be neighbors.

Dallin with his friends, Braden, and PJ

The new school is definitely needed, there are over 1000 students this year! We are looking forward to the change. And the option of walking to school if we feel like it. Plus Sierra is super excited to be starting Kindergarten, and being in the same school that Dallin is in.

MTV Movie Awards Just Got Interesting

It has been years since I've even bothered to give the MTV Movie Awards even one iota of thought. That is all about to change. I will now be glued in front of the TV come this Sunday night, June 1st. And no one better even dare to try to change the channel, or I will not be held responsible for the loss of appendages to said person!

I guess this is a prestigious honor, to have an upcoming movie mentioned and scene shown at the awards. MTV only picks three movies each year to spotlight. Go Twilight! And to top it all off, Stephenie is supposed to be doing some sort of taped intro before they show the scene. I can't wait! :D

BTW~ I just had to brag that my conversion rate is now up to 19 souls (yes, I am still keeping track. I have to be scientific about it. The numbers don't lie people!) . ;p lol

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dallin's 1st Grade Project

Towards the end of the school year, each grade in Dallin's school does a class project. The 1st graders got to make 3D maps. They could make the map of whatever they wanted (real or imaginary), so Dallin chose to make a map of Disneyland.

He and I had a fun time together figuring out what exactly he wanted on the map, and what to make everything out of, then painting, coloring, and gluing. He did such a good job. He chose to make Sleeping Beauty Castle, Small World, Toontown, the Nemo Subs, Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, the Haunted Mansion, and one of the Disneyland Railroad tunnels.

Dallin and all his classmates' maps were on display for the school's Open House a few weeks back. I will post about that in the next few days.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Twirly Girl

These pictures are from a few months ago. I forgot about them. So here they are.

Sierra is "ice skating" in the kitchen.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Father Son Campout

Dan and Dallin went to the annual Father/Son campout for our ward. They drove three hours to a campground by Cambria, which is by the ocean.

My boys had a campfire, ate smores, slept in our new tent (which you can see in the background of the above picture), had yummy pancakes for breakfast, went to the beach and looked at the tidepools, tried to fly Dallin's kite but there was no wind, cleaned up camp, and drove home.

It was a fun trip for both of them. Next time Dan is hoping they do it a bit closer to home, especially since it was only a one night getaway.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Host

Well I finished reading Stephenie Meyer's new book "The Host". And I can say that I really, really liked it. It was very good, and I recommend it to y'all. My level of devotion for it, is not at the level of the Twilight saga. But if you are looking for a great, highly captivating read until "Breaking Dawn" comes out in August. Then get this book.

It has been said that this book is, "Science Fiction for those that don't like or normally read Science Fiction", and I agree. It is more about what it means to be human, than about aliens. No ray guns, no R2D2, no Vulcan death grips. And it is about love of all kinds, not just romantic love (although that is in there, in a majorly conflicted love triangle, or actually love squarish-triangle way). Really it is a beautiful story, and like in the Twilight books, Stephenie makes the characters come alive. So go buy the book!

Like with Stephenie's other books, she made a playlist for this one. There are some very good songs. I downloaded a few onto my iPod already. I've put this song, "My Name is Love" by Rob Dickinson, here in the flash player, in honor of the book. It is one of my new favorites. It has such poetically beautiful lyrics. So here you go...

What's your name?
Just tell me where you can be found.
My name is love, I can't be bound.

Then name your cost.
Then let me pay, my time is short.
My name is love, I can't be bought.

When everything inside,
Ups and changes our lives.
When everything else has died.

My name is love
My name is love
My name is love, love, love

All I say,
That my life has changed in many ways
If your name is love,
Show me some grace.

When everything you know,
Falls apart when the wind blows.
When everything seems so tough.

My name is love
My name is love
My name is love, love

And the water's flowing up
Up the mountain that you choose
Is it you that's climbing me?
Is it me that's climbing you?

When everything you know,
Falls apart when the wind blows.
When everything else has died.

My name is love
My name is love...

Oh and FYI, if you do get the book I have to tell you that towards the end of it there are a couple blank pages. They are there for a reason. That is not the end of the book. Flip the pages, and read the rest. I just didn't want anyone freaking out, thinking that's the end when it isn't. ;)

Tournament on Kaweah

Hi Dad!

Dan, and our friend Scott, fished in Dan's new boat, at a local bass tournament on Lake Kaweah a couple weeks ago. It was their first tournament on this lake. The fishing was tough. They didn't end up doing so well.

Dan and Scott are in the boat right in the middle of the pic. Dan's in white, Scott's in grey.

The kids and I went to the weigh-in. It really wasn't much of a weigh-in. Not like the ones we are used to anyway. We are used to all the big fanfare that the bigger tournaments bring. So this was not the most exciting thing. But I got some pictures of the kids. And a couple of Dan and Scott out in the water.

Looking at a doggie.

Scott weighing in the 3 fish they were able to catch

This week Dan and Scott are trying their luck in the FLW bass tournament, on the Delta. Only as co-anglers though. Dan isn't running the risk of ruining his new boat. Dan had a great first day, and today was tough, but he thinks he had enough weight, that if he does good tomorrow he should at least cut a check.

Go Daddy, Go! :)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Today at Target, I decided to treat myself to a little decadence. I LOVE dark chocolate, and I love Ghirardelli's. So I had to try this.

Notice the name? How could I not buy it?!

It is divine. If you are a dark chocolate fan, you need to try this. Mmmm, I am feeling the need to go to San Francisco now. lol


Here is the silhouette of Sierra, that she gave me as a present, last Friday. :)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Special Mommy Surprise!

At Sierra's school on Friday, the mommies got to come into class early for a special surprise. The kids sang us a Mother's Day song, and then gave us our surprise presents. Sierra gave me silhouette of herself, and a card she made for me. It was a sweet surprise.

A nice parent took this picture of Sierra and I. I thought it turned out pretty good.

And here are Sierra's teachers; Mrs. Tarbell (left) and Mrs. G. They are the nicest ladies. Sierra loves both of them so much. She is going to be sad, when preschool is over at the end of this month.