Saturday, April 4, 2009

Updates 'R Us

So it looks like we will be moving into our new home in about two weeks. Or should I say we will be signing the papers and giving a big lump sum of money to the loan people in about two weeks. ;)

After that we should be getting our keys, and getting things ready to move. We are going to paint the whole downstairs, and get the carpets cleaned before we start moving our stuff in.

The house isn't thrashed like a lot of the homes we've looked at. The previous owners took good care of it. Eventually we will be changing a few things like updating the appliances, and changing the bathrooms from ugly tile counters to granite. And maybe a few other minor things to add value to the home. For now things are fine the way they are.

Once the painting is done, then will begin the part I hate, moving everything. At least this time our move is only two miles away, instead of many hours away.

This week we are going to Lake Powell, in Arizona for a family reunion with Dan's family and extended family. We are staying on houseboats. It will be my first time. Should be fun.

So I'll have a bunch of pictures to share once we get back. And hopefully pictures of the inside of our house soon as well.

Bunco craziness about to begin!

There were about 24 people playing that night

In the meantime, here are some pictures that I forgot to post earlier. Back in January we had a couples bunco night, at our friends Scott and Jenny's home. Crazy does not even begin to describe the chaos that was that night. lol It was a blast!

When we play it is never for money. Just a chance to get together and have fun. Prizes, of course, are an added bonus. It was hilarious to see the hubbies getting so into it. They were more hardcore than those of us who are veteran players.