Saturday, September 26, 2009


So the last couple months have been filled with concerts. If you haven't noticed by now, Dan and I are very big on music and love going to see our favorite bands live. ;)

Here are pictures from the last couple we've gone to. First off is Blue October, who we saw again, this time in San Jose. I loved them just as much as the first time around. And I'd definitely see them again, if I had the chance!

Then at the beginning of this month was our dream come true concert; seeing AC/DC. This concert was epic and all we had hoped for! Definitely worth the money and now we can die happy. LOL ;p

There were a lot of interesting people at the concert (to put it nicely), but thankfully the people that were seated around us were perfectly nice. Just there to have a good time. No crazies.

So the next concert, (although it technically isn't a concert, but a performance), is the So You Think You Can Dance Tour in November. A couple friends and I are going to that. I'm so excited to see all my favorite dancers perform!

And then my next dream concert, that I'm crossing my fingers for them to come to our area, is MUSE. They've announced some tour dates since they just released their new album (which is amazing BTW!). But nothing yet on our side of the country.

I told Dan that is what I want for Christmas, or my birthday, depending on when or if the tickets do come out for our area.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back to School

School for Dallin and Sierra started mid August. Dallin is in 3rd grade now, and Sierra is in 1st grade. So they both get out at the same time this year, yay! Makes it much easier on Mommy. lol

There first day was filled with excitement. Sierra, has Dallin's former 1st grade teacher. So we knew she would be great with Sierra.

Dallin's teacher is very nice as well. Dallin really likes her.

Yay for school!