Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dallin's Birthday

Dallin had his birthday on the 1st of this month. He turned 7 years old! I can't believe it. That seems so grown up to me. He will be 8 years old next year and getting baptised. Wow, time does fly!

He had a fun day. We invited two of his friends over for a few hours in the afternoon, for a little party. Jackson Edgar, and Lucas Sampietro. They are both very nice boys. And goofy as all boys tend to be. lol

We played some party games. Musical chairs, sock mania, balloon catch, and a scavenger hunt. Then we had Dallin's cake. An icecream cake, yummy!

After that it was present time. We got Dallin a Nintendo Gamecube, and the video game Mario Kart Double Dash. He was so excited. He has been wanting a real nintendo game system for awhile now. Both he and Sierra are only allowed an hour a day playing video games of any kind. That way we make sure they are not stuck in front of the TV all day.

Jackson got Dallin a cool hotwheels car. It lights up and makes sounds. And Lucas got Dallin some Castle Legos. Dallin's first Legos set. :)
Once the presents were all opened it was Legos playtime for the boys. Then it was time for them to go home.

Dallin had lots of fun and enjoyed his birthday quite immensely. :)

Early Christmas Present...

Danny got me an early Christmas present a few weeks ago. Let me see if you can figure it out...

Disclaimer: these pictures aren't the greatest, but you'll get the idea. ;p



Any ideas?


I had LASIK surgery. No more glasses or contacts. YAY!!!!!!

My eyes are doing great. They have healed really quickly. My eyesight in my left eye was already 20/20 the day after the surgery. And my right was 20/30 at the time. It has now adjusted to about 20/25, so almost perfect. My doctor said as my brain adjusts to the change and my eyes continue to heal my right eye could catch up to my left. Plus I have been drinking my MonaVie, which is chalked full of nutrients, so I am not worried. I'm feeling great. It has been such a blessing. Thank you again my Danny Boy.