Monday, July 26, 2010

We Love Our Daddy!

The kids relaxing with their Daddy.

Cub Scout Camp Fun

Dallin and a lot of fun at his cub scout camp this year. The theme was sports.

On the last day they had a luncheon for the whole family. And then they set up this huge waterslide.

The kids loved it!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Future Students, Here We Come

Dallin and Sierra decided to create a school in Dallin's room. Dallin was the head teacher and Sierra his partner. They were going to teach some of their friends in the neighborhood about the rainforest and ocean animals.

The classroom all set up.

For our family home evening one night they got to practice their teaching techniques, so they could be prepared. Both of the kids did a good job. We learned a lot. :)

Painting Pretty Pictures

Sierra enjoying painting a picture after church, one Sunday.

Her masterpiece.

Memorial Day at the Park

After the swimming time at our friends on Memorial Day, we headed to the park for bbqing and games with a bunch of our other friends.

Croquet, water balloon toss, and duck duck goose, how fun!

Memorial Swimming Time

For Memorial Day we got together with some friends of ours and the kids did a little swimming. It was actually a semi cool day for May. The water wasn't as warm as I like it, so I chose to stay out. But the kids still had fun.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Open House 2010

The kids had their Open House at school back in May.

Dallin's classroom.

Standing next to a big rainforest wall the kids made.

A neat word search puzzle Dallin's teacher made out of the kids' names. Can you spot Dallin's name? I see it, yay!

Sierra's classroom.

Sierra is showing off her cool scrapbook of all her hard work, that her teacher made as a keepsake for every student.

We really enjoyed going to their classrooms and looking at all the accomplishments they did throughout the year.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Quentin's Nursery

I'm finally finished with Quentin's nursery. Except for a few small things. But those can wait until after the baby is born anyway, so it's not a big deal.

Here is the before (well actually it is more of a semi-before, because I was in the process of painting when I thought to actually get a picture of the before).

And the after... I wanted something gender neutral, ya know, just in case. lol I went with a sunshine, morning, birdie, tree type theme. I have to say it looks much better in person than it does in these pictures (my camera, grrr). But enjoy!

The color is a soft green called "Soothing Aloe" (thank you Jolie!). I absolutely love the color. You can't see it very well in this picture, but in the left corner is a 6 ft tall tree (half tree actually), and above Quentin's name on the right side are two birdies flying away.

The wall color works perfectly with the bedding, which is from The Land of . It is called "Oh What a Beautiful Morning". The bumper has a sun rising from behind two green hills.

Quite a few of the decorative touches in the room I made myself (*pats myself on the back* lol)

I adore this wee little chick. It is from an shop called asherjasper. She makes all sorts of adorable felted toys.

A sparrow sitting on top of the closet frame.

Vintage inspired sign, with one of my favorite childhood phrases.

Well there you have it, Quentin's new room. I had such a blast creating it! Hope you liked the tour. :)