Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Out on the Boat

Yesterday we took the bass boat out, as a family, for the first time. The kids were so excited to go fishing with Dad.

It was such a nice day, and it was really enjoyable out on the boat. The wind picked up while we were on the lake, so that killed all the fishing, unfortunately. So the kids weren't able to catch anything this time. Plus Dan isn't that familiar with this lake yet. He said once he learns the water, he'll be able to take us places where he knows the kids can catch something.

We all had fun, despite the lack of fish. I loved watching the kids try to catch something. At the same time, I was paranoid that Sierra was going to stick someone with her hook. She kept on casting and not looking to see if there was anyone behind her. Once she hooked Dan in his shorts. Thankfully that was the worst damage she caused. ;p

After we gave up on the fishing, Dan took us speeding around the lake. The kids loved that. I told them if they loved that, then they should have no problem this year going on Space Mountain at Disneyland. The last two years Dallin has been afraid to go on the ride. And Sierra went on it last year with me, but wouldn't even come close to going on anything else afterward that was remotely fast. lol So we're keeping our fingers crossed that we can get them on the "scarier" rides this year.

Kids, Kids, Everywhere!

We had some of our friends come over last Friday. I got a few pictures of all the kiddos having fun in the backyard. Chalk, bubbles, soccer, tag, relay races, you name it, they played it.

We all had a nice time. Dan and I just wish we had a bigger house, so that we could invite everyone we know over all at once!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dan's New Bass Boat

Yay, after all the drama, bad luck, and trouble, Dan finally got the boat home safely this afternoon. *sigh of relief*

Here it is in all its glory. Doesn't Danny look so proud! :D

He has a tournament Saturday, with Scott. We are all crossing our fingers that nothing else happens to it. lol

"When can we go fishing Dad?"

Down on the Farm

Sierra went on another field trip with her preschool class. We went to a farm. She was super excited about being able to see all the animals. She and I, rode with her friend Caitlyn and Caitlyn's mommy.

This field trip was with the whole school, so everyone was split up into 4 groups. First we went to make butter. All the kids got to churn the butter churn until, ta da...Butter! Then the helper lady put the butter on crackers for all of us to taste.

Look Ma, butter!

After that we went to the barn and the kids got to plant corn in a little cup of dirt. And then make stamps with a brand and a horseshoe.

Then for the really fun part, we got to go see the cutest kids. No not children, but rather furry four legged kids. There were a bunch of baby goats. The children got to go in the pen, feed the goats and pet them. This was Sierra's favorite part of the field trip, and mine too.

With her friend Nicholas and a goat.

Sierra also got to stick a corn on the cob in this corn detacher thingy (yes that is the correct term for it, didn't you know?!). Then she ground the kernels into grain.

When we were done there, our last fun thing was a ride in the cart that was pulled by two mules. We got to ride around and see all the fields of alfalfa that the farmer has planted.

Sierra with Nolan

This was, I think, the last field trip of the year for Sierra. It was a fun day.

Joys, Fears, Obsessions, Random Thoughts...

My lovely friend Michele "tagged" me. So now I feel obligated to answer these. Hope you're happy with yourself Mac! lol

Post these rules on your blog. Answer the questions below on your blog. Tag five people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

3 joys
3 fears
3 goals
3 current obsessions/collections
3 random/surprising facts

3 joys: Dancing, reading, eating yummy food; more specifically desserts.

3 fears: Fear of the unknown, snails (yes I agree that is a bit silly), and scary psycho killers. lol

3 goals: Get out of debt, travel the world, go on a mission with Dan

3 current obsessions/collections: Do I really need to say it?!... the Twilight book series by Stephenie Meyer & soon to be movie, Janie and Jack childrens clothing, and ummm I still collect vintage Oz books.

3 random/surprising facts: Not sure if any of these are surprising, but they are random...

1. I have a scar on my knee, when I was 4 years old I cooked my knee on a bbq.

2. Growing up, all the way through Elementary School I was afraid of the dark. I slept with the back patio light on, it was so bright in my room at night that it seemed like day. Now I can't stand even a little bit of light when I am trying to sleep.

3. I only have one sibling. My brother Ian, who is currently living with us. He is 5 years younger than I am.

Ok, well I just fulfilled my duty. ;p Now I tag Erica, Becky, Donald, Myrna, and Peggy.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh My Freakin' Fantastic.........!

Thank you, thank you Larry Carroll from MTV news. You are THE Awesome! :D
*Click on the above title: "Oh My...", to take you to the actual MTV webpage that this superb video came from. The quality is much better there.*

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pill Bug Mania

Sierra has a fondness for pill bugs. We have quite a lot of them right now, crawling around on our sidewalks and on the patio in the backyard.

She likes to "play" with them. She'll pick them up and let them crawl all over her, and she will talk to them like they are her friends. She says she likes that they tickle. When she is done letting the roam her arms and legs, she'll put them back in their homes. Which means wherever she thinks they will be the happiest. It is very cute to watch her interact with the little guys.

I'm not sure where she gets this fascination with bugs. I know she doesn't get it from me. lol


Dallin and Sierra both made kites in their classes at school. I guess sometime last week must've been Kite Day or something. Anyway, both kites looked very cute. Such creative kids.

I got a couple pictures of Sierra with her kite, but she didn't feel like trying to fly it in the backyard.

Dallin on the otherhand thought it would be a blast to try it out. Here are his attempts. Unfortunately it was only slightly windy, and construction paper kites don't fly very well.

We will have to buy them some "real" kites here soon. That would be fun. :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Relaxing with Dad

I thought this was cute. Sierra was cuddling with Danny, while watching TV. She loves her daddy. And Dallin is zoning out. lol This was right before night nite time.

Lake Kaweah

Last weekend Dan, the kids, and I went to Lake Kaweah for a little bit. They were having a bass tournament there, and we decided to check out the weigh-in, just for fun. Dan was going to fish it, but had all sorts of trouble getting his boat. He wasn't able to get it in time for that tournament.

So instead we just watched other people bring in the fish. It was probably good that he didn't fish it, because only about 5 people out of everyone in the tournament, actually weighed in any fish. It was tough fishing.

Before the weigh-in, we went down to the water and onto the docks. The kids put their hands in the sandy dirt to make hand prints. And threw rocks in the water.

The kids had a good time, and it was nice to get out into the fresh air. I was not fond of the walk back up the hill though. Oh my thighs!! lol