Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back At School

Dallin had his first day back at school today. He is now officially in 1st grade. He goes from 8:17-2:10. Which is a big adjustment for us. We (meaning I) are not morning people. So we have to rearrange sleeping schedules. We aren't used to getting up that early (7 AM, I know pitiful isn't it, lol).

Dallin's new teacher is named Mrs. Frolli. She seems very nice. And Dallin said he really liked her. Dallin got picked first to be the "Star Student". Which means he gets to share stuff from home with the class tomorrow. Dallin said he is planning on sharing our Disneyland pictures. :)

Sierra starts preschool the last week of August. She is very excited to be finally going to school. "Just like Dallin!", she says.

My post about our Vegas trip coming soon.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Our Pool

We got our pool this week. We have all been having fun in it. So nice to have a place to cool off outside, in this hot weather. The kids especially have been having a blast. At first Sierra was scared to come in, even with her swim vest on. But slowly she has gotten braver. So that now she is swimming around with no trouble at all. Dallin is tall enough to where he can stand in the pool, although we still make him wear his vest to make sure he stays safe.

Tonight Dan and I are having a Game Night, with some friends of ours, here at the house. It should be a lot of fun!