Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cub Scout Award

Dallin received his Wolf award for Cub Scouts back in February. Now he is on to working on his Bear achievements.

Pinning the wolf badge pin on Momma

Sierra had to be in the picture too, lol

Dallin with his friend Leif

I'm so proud of my little man. Way to go Dallin!

10th Anniversary Trip

For our 10 year anniversary this past February, Dan and I went to the Carmel/Monterey/Pacific Grove coast. Our bed and breakfast was in Pacific Grove this time. It was nice, not the best we've stayed in, but certainly not the worst either.

While we were there, we never got to go down to the beaches, because of the tsunami warning, from the earthquake they had down in South America. So all the beaches were closed. But we got a couple shots of the waves. It was crazy how high up they were. Usually at the beach in Carmel, there is the huge sand hill you need to walk down to get even close to the water. But the water was literally coming all the way up the hill. My pictures don't even come close to showing how awesome (and scary high) the water level was.

Instead of the beach we went to the Carmel mission. We've never been there, so that was cool. Neat to see the history of the place.

We also of course had to do a little shopping in Carmel. I really love that town. The buildings are so quaint, and fairytale-ish.

For lunch we ate at a place in town called Carmel Belle. They sell organic, locally grown items. It was super yummy.

For dinner on our special night, we went to the Inn at Spanish Bay (which is on 17 Mile Drive/Pebble Beach) to eat at Roy's! Their food was amazing, as usual. Since it was our anniversary we got extra special attention. They gave us seashell necklaces for us to put on each other. They had a special menu with a Happy 10 year Anniversary to Mr. and Mrs. C. greeting on it. And with our dessert they wrote in chocolate on the plate wishing us a happy anniversary. No pictures though, my poor camera was acting up all through the trip and then the batteries completely died on me. :(

Something that happens during the dinner hour (all the time, not just for our anniversary lol), is at sunset there are bagpipers that come out onto the golf course,which is right there outside the restaurant. The pipers play until the sun goes down. Such a cool experience to witness in person.

We had a wonderful time throughout the trip.

Thank you again to Gma and Gpa C for watching the kids for us.

And thank you to my sweet husband, Dan for the beautiful 10 years. I love you.