Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our Halloween Party

Last night we had a Halloween party at our house. We all dressed up in couples inspired costumes. Dan and I decided to go as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

All our friends that came, had awesome costumes too.

We go together just like Peas & Carrots

Cat Woman and a Halo Guy

Cleopatra and Antony w/ their pet Spider, Emma

Super Mom and Super Dad

Indian Princess and her Mountain Man

Static Cling and Fabric Softener (hee hee, so cute)

The Dawgs (hilarious!)

Who let the Trash in?!! LOL

We had a ton of yummy food. Although I didn't get any pictures of all of it (I was too busy eating), other than my Vampire Bite Cupcakes. Aren't they adorable?! I got them off of a baking blog. They are super easy to make and I love them. :D

Sparkling Apple Cider, that I made into Halloweenie Themed bottles

We enjoyed each others company...

There were even prizes for our costumes.

We won Ghoulishly Awesome, Mind Blowingly Spooktacular Couple! (Dan looks like he's about to eat me)

Bone Chilling Couple went to Donovan and Rani. Their scary prize... a Jonas Brothers notebook and Hannah Montana stickers. LOL

Fancy Pants award went to Jane Ellen and John. They were rockin' the bling

Elizabeth explaining their costumes... they won the Costumed couple that makes you go "Huh?" award

The Party Pooper award went to Peggy and Ted, with their trashbag ensemble.

Also Molly and Nick won the award for They're laughing in the graves, couple. And Mike & Krista got the Sweeter than Candy Corn award.

The night ended with some party favors. I made these (see, the crafty bug bit me again).

I got the idea from Martha Stewart.

Each couple also took home the tombstone we had made for them. The graves also served as outside decorations for the party.

Here is a pic of our tombstone

It was a fantastic night, with a bunch of good friends. Thanks guys for making the evening a success! :)

Decorating Fever

Now that we have our own home, I've been in the decorating mood for the Halloween & Fall season. And I have to say that I am proud of myself, because a lot of the items, I made myself. This is coming from someone that is not crafty at all. So I think I deserve a pat on the back. lol

Here is some of the decor inside...

Dan surprised me with the roses. :)

There is "blood" in the candle holders. Oooh scary!

And out...

Sierra added her own decorating touch with this Halloween poster of a spooky ghost

It is hard to see, but the sign says "Park Your Brooms Here" (yep, I made that ;p )

And because we need a couple pictures of the kids. Here they are wearing some of the decor.