Monday, July 28, 2008

Twilight Comic-Con Bonanza Part Deux

Back to the real reason for Comic-Con (at least for us). The audience were already starting to get themselves into a frenzy the moment the name tags were being put on the tables. Shouting, "Twilight, Twilight, Twilight!". Then the word Twilight appeared on the movie screens, and the level of hysteria went up a notch.

L-R: Catherine, Stephenie, Robert, Kristen, Cam, Rachelle, Edi, and Taylor

The interviewer started announcing the Twilight panel names: Taylor Lautner (screams of "Jacob" fill the air), Edi Gathegi (Laurent), Rachelle Lefevre (Victoria), Cam Gigandet (James), Kristen Stewart (Bella, *louder screams*), and THEN Robert Pattinson's name was announced and seriously the sound from the audience was deafening (I admit my screams were as loud as the rest of the audience. I am after all just a wee bit fond of Edward. *hee hee*). After Robert was Stephenie Meyer, whose received cheers almost as loud as Robert, and then the director Catherine Hardwicke, who is a little ball of fire and energy.

You could tell that almost all the actors were overwhelmed by their reception. Robert and Kristen especially looked uncomfortable. They didn't realize when they first signed up for this movie, just how big it was going to be. So I know it had to be completely overwhelming, especially with the fact that they are both shy and reserved people especially in big crowds.

The ones that seemed the most comfortable during the whole panel Q&A, were Taylor, Edi, and Rachelle. And even they were a little disconcerted as times.

Once everyone was seated, the interviewer asked Stephenie and Catherine the responsibility they felt in bringing the book to life. Catherine mentioned that when she read the books she feel in love with them like we in the audience did. And because of that she wanted to see Bella and Edward breathing and living on screen.

Stephenie mentioned how she learned her lesson early on about prior movie studios that wanted to make her book into a movie. She saw a lot of really bad scripts, so she was very careful about who she picked. And that she was very happy with Summit, and with the script that was written, and the actors that were chosen for the roles of her characters. And she thinks we're going to LOVE it. :D

After that the interviewer asked each of the actors to talk about the characters they were portraying.

After the first couple questions, Catherine then introduced the exclusive movie clip for the audience. It was one of the climactic scenes, that takes place in a ballet studio. I have previously seen bits and pieces of the scene, and wondered how they were going to fit it all together. The clip we saw is complete and about 3.5 minutes long. And let me tell you it does NOT disappoint. Is it a little different from the book? Yes. But that is to be expected, because Bella was half conscious during this scene in the book. Plus they need to make it a bit more action-y for the movie going audience. Seriously everyone in the audience was gasping, flinching, ohhhing, and screaming. It was soooooooooo good. My heart was beating ten times faster than normal over it, even an hour afterward.

After the clip the interviewer asked Kristen what her 1st experience was with the books, and why she thinks they are so popular. Kristen admitted that she must've been living under a boulder, because she had never heard of the books before her audition for the movie. After she was cast though, she read the series and loved it. She was very happy to be a part of the movie.

A lot of what was said through most of the questions, weren't new to me. As I've read and watched just about every Twilight related article/interview out there. lol But it was still exhilarating hearing it and seeing it in person. Each of the actors talked about being fans of the book series.

Then the interviewer asked Robert (ear splitting screams erupted at the sound of Roberts name, interspersed with yells of "I love you Rob!") what he felt to be coming in contact with all these fans. He admitted that he didn't really expect to get this type of reaction, so he was overwhelmed by it all. Or as he put it, "It just baffles me. But it's nice though." It doesn't surprise me one bit that he is taken back by all the good attention, because when he was first cast as the role of Edward, there were a lot of mean people out there that seriously sent him hate mail. Can you believe it?! I think it is terrible. I mean even if he wasn't your exact vision of Edward, that shouldn't give you the right to tear a person down like that. Especially when he was so sensitive in the first place.

Okay, done with my rant. Throughout the whole panel interview Rob and Kristen played with their hair and hands.

It must be nervous habits, because they do it a lot. As proof, I give you this cute little video...

They truly are hairflip soulmates. lol

After that they opened up Q&A to the audience. So many of the questions were kind of stupid. Telling the actors how hot they are and stuff like that. But there were a few really good questions as well.

A couple of the highlights for me were. Someone asked about the soundtrack for the movie. And Catherine revealed that we are getting a MUSE song!!! Woo Hoo, I love MUSE. In an interview after the panel, she expounded on that by saying the song is one that MUSE has already put out, but they might be doing a special Twilight version of it for the movie. I'm trying to guess which one it is, and I am thinking it will probably be "Time is Running Out" (one of my favorites..well practically all their songs are my favorites so that isn't saying much).

Also Catherine let the cat out of the bag that Rob indeed is going to have two songs in the movie! This was talked about in past interviews, but it was not for sure at the time. So this is exciting news. He is an awesome musician, singer, composer, pianist (seriously, can anyone be as much like Edward in real life as he is?!).

Another question that was asked, that I enjoyed was What was your favorite Bella and Edward moment in the books/movie? Asked to Rob, Kristen, Stephenie, and Catherine. I can't remember everyone's answer, but I loved Stephenie's. She said that her absolute favorite Edward and Bella moment is in Book 4 (*squee* Breaking Dawn comes out this Saturday!), but if she were to pick from the movie she really thought the scene between Edward and Bella in the hospital hallway when Bella confronts Edward, was so intense and wonderful.

The worst question from all the audience, actually came from a lady claiming to be a Twilight Mom. I don't know if she actually is one, or if she is a lurker, because I didn't recognize her and all the other TMs I talked to didn't know who she was either (not trying to be a snob, I'm just not happy that she represented the TMs the way she did). Her first questions was fine, but then she snuck in a second question asking whether Rob and Taylor wore boxers, briefs, or nothing?

Number one, that is a completely inappropriate question coming from anyone. Number two, this was coming from a lady that could be these actors' mother. I was embarrassed and left with a bad taste in my mouth over it. And I could tell the actors were completely uncomfortable, and didn't answer the question (good for them, I'm glad they didn't).

Okay, other favorite things and not so favorite things, that I can remember.

Loved Rob's self deprecating sense of humor. He is such a crack up. And I was dying laughing at some of his answers to the questions, and his reactions to the audience. The way he would blush was too cute also.

Loved Rachelle's answers to all her questions. She was very eloquent, and always had a good answer to a question even, if the question was stupid.

Taylor really impressed me as well. In past interviews I've watched with him, he used "like, you know", way too much. But at the panel, he really had some of the best and intelligent answers, especially for a 16 year old.

Did not like how every time Rob went to answer a question, everyone automatically started screaming. It got to the point where it became annoying, because he never really got the chance to really answer the questions that were asked him, or to be coherent in his answers. I mean, I love Rob and it was exciting for me too. But come on, let the boy answer!

Too many "why are you all so hot", and "I want you Rob", questions. Before all the panels the Comic Con people said they were going to be screening the questions, but they obviously didn't do a very good job at it.

Overall everything was beyond fabulous. Even with some of the ridiculousness of the audience, that did not put a damper on the wonderful, amazing, fantastical, superb time we had. I mean just to be in the same room as all the cast and Stephenie was worth the experience.

After the Twilight panel, Dakota Fanning rushed out on stage just to say she was sorry she missed her panel and she hoped everyone has a wonderful time at Comic Con. I can't believe how grown up she is looking now. She is a cutie.

15 minute break was upon us after Twilight, and just about everyone left the building (see, I was right about why most people were there). It was funny to watch people leaving in droves.

Twilight Mom, "Isabellaat50" holding "Edward". She is the creator of Action Figure Fridays, which I've shared with some of you. Completely hilarious!

Who you gonna call?

Our plan was to check out the Summit booth, and a few of the other exhibit booths we were interested in. It was so packed in there. I think Comic Con draws over 100,000 people to it, so imagine most of those people packed into the exhibit hall(with most rushing to the Summit booth since the panel was over). I read that the Fire Marshall actually had to shut the walkway where Summit was down because it got so congested.

We didn't go into the hall right away. We took our time and a break for a few minutes. Then went to track down the Summit booth. When we arrived there they were asking the audience questions about the cast and crew. They asked a question about Catherine and what movie she worked on with Tom Cruise. I shouted out the answer "Vanilla Sky", and got it right! I won a small poster for the movie Never Back Down and the Blu-ray Disc of the movie. Very cool.

It was so packed, but we got our pictures taken with Bella and Edward (the cardboard cutouts anyway, not the real things unfortunately ;p ). Then before we were going to leave I asked the guy that seemed to be in charge of the booth, how we get the Twilight posters that I saw laying there. He told me that you actually have to go out into the hallway and get a ticket, which gives you the chance to spin a wheel and win a prize, one of the prizes being the poster.

I guess I acted disappointed, because the guy then quietly told me that if I could answer 10 questions about the book, and got them all correct, then I could win a poster. So he asked and I answered them all right (see it pays off to read the books obsessively). He gave me the poster, and also one for each of my friends. Yes, they love me. ;p

After that we walked to a couple of booth, but it was seriously so jam packed that we had reached our limit. We were tired, and hungry for real food, and getting claustrophobic from the crowds. So we walked towards the exit. On our way there though, we stopped at the InkWorks booth and saw the Twilight trading cards. We talked to the owner there and asked when they were going on sale. He said not until October, but that he made some samples for the Summit booth. We told him yes, but that the booth is only handing them out to certain winners (I had forgotten to ask the Summit guy about the cards when I had the chance). Anyway the InkWorks guy was not happy to hear this.

Cool, Lego Batman and Robin

When we finished talking to him, and were about to leave the building I realized my sunglasses were missing. Season had accidentally given them to the Summit people thinking maybe they had dropped them. So being the sweetie that she is, she walked all the way back there for my glasses (bless her), while we made our way to the parking lot. She arrived at the car just a minute or so after us, and what surprise goodie did she have for us? The trading cards, yay! She said she told the girl at the booth that the owner from InkWorks had told her about getting the cards. So the girl searched around for them, and then was about to hand Season the whole entire box of them. And Season told her, "no, I just need four sets". lol

So we scored both the poster and the cards. The pack came with just four cards, since they were just a promo item. They are very cool though. And it seriously makes me want to buy the rest, come October.

After that we were on our way home. We didn't have the most fun return trip, poor Marcie got sick. We had to pull off the side of the road for her. :( A combo of lack of sleep, and all the junk we had eaten all day. We ended up stopping at this little cafe in Burbank, that serves sandwiches and soups. After that we were all feeling much better, and were able to drive the rest of the way home. We got to my house at about 11:30 PM. I felt so bad for Jessica, because she still had a 3 hour long drive to her home. She couldn't miss work in the morning, so she had no choice.

Thankfully she, and the rest of us made it to our homes safe and sound. It was such a fun adventure. Nice to get away with just the girls. Definitely an experience I'd love to do again. Thanks Marcie, Season, and Jessica for making our time together a blast!

Here are pictures of a few of the other freebies I got while at the convention. With the kids modeling their new Spiderman masks for us.

Thanks for letting me share my Comic-Con experiences with y'all. I hope you enjoyed reading it! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Comic-Con Twilight Bonanza

Marcie, Season, and my Twilight Mom friend Jessica, and I left for San Diego, Wednesday afternoon. We arrived at our hotel around 7 PM, and then drove to downtown San Diego to eat dinner, and visit with some other Twilight Moms that were going to meet us there.

We ate at Hard Rock Cafe. It was the first time I've eaten there, and the food was pretty good. I got a BBQ bacon cheeseburger. Not the best I've ever eaten, but nothing to complain about either. I liked the atmosphere. They played a good variety of rock music, and seeing the memorabilia on the walls was neat.

Because you all know how fond I am of taking pictures of my food

Channeling my inner rocker. lol

After dinner, we headed to an Irish Pub and Grill down the street, where a bunch of us Twilight Moms were going to meet and eat. Only two TMs were there when we arrived. We wondered what in the world happened to the "tons" of TMs that were coming. We found out the next morning, that a bunch of them ended up not going, because they decided it would be wiser to go ahead and wait in line. I understood, I mean Twilight ALWAYS comes first. ;p lol We did enjoy meeting Jenny, and her friend Veronica. They both were sweet girls and a lot of fun.

We didn't stay too long, since we knew we'd be getting up really early. 4 AM, to be exact. I got about an hour of sleep that night. We stayed up talking and giggling a little too much. Yes, completely girlie, but we didn't care. It was fun.

We left our hotel at about 5 AM, and got to the Convention Center at 5:30. Our game plan was to split up, because we had to wait in two different lines. One to get our badges to get into everything, and the other to get into Hall H. Which is the big hall where they have the major movie studios present the up and coming movies, and panels to answer questions about the movies. This is where the Twilight cast and Stephenie were going to be.

So Jessica, and I decided we would stay in the badge line, and Marcie & Season went to wait at the Hall H line. Then our plan was to switch places. Thankfully Jessica and I found some of our friends to wait in line with, so we were pretty close to the front. Then Marcie and Season made friends with some people in their line, who said they'd save our spot in that line. So that worked out nicely. Then to make it even better they opened the badge line extra early, so we called M&S to come get in line with us, and we'd all make it to the other line in time. It worked out well. I'm thinking next year, if I go again, I am buying a 4 day pass even if I only do the one day again. It takes the stress of trying to make it to everything on time away, because you can pick up your badge the night before. Plus you get a ton of extra goodies that Preview night, and it is only like $25 more.

The lines for badges went really quickly, and we headed back to the Hall H line on the other side of the convention center. At 9:30 AM they were doing a lottery drawing to meet the cast and get autographs from them, in the Badge hall. Unfortunately that was at the same time that they started letting people into Hall H. So trying to win a ticket to the autograph session, could've possibly kept us out of getting into the panel interviews. Because once the Hall is full they do not let anyone in. We didn't want to take the risk of that happening, especially with no guarantee of actually getting the winning tickets for the meet and autographs. And anyway on August 7th, I'll be meeting Stephenie at the Breaking Dawn concert. So we all passed on it.

Jenny, myself, Marcie, Season, and Jessica waiting in line

Our line buddies were saving our spots in the Hall H line, like they promised. They were really cool. They had no idea what Twilight was, but they thought we were fun and liked our enthusiasm. ;p We waited in that line for another hour and a half (there was a lot of waiting at Comic-Con, but you know you are with awesome people, when it is even fun to wait in lines).

Our line buddies

Penguins, lovely

We saw quite a few people dressed up in various costumes. Marcie told her hubbie Chad that she'd take a ton a pictures of all the dressed up people for him, since he didn't get to come with us. I had to take pictures of some of them too, just because they were interesting to see. People get really creative with their costumes.

We got free donuts from the Mexican Donut

Girls with flying toasters on their heads? *scratches head*

We were let into Hall H at about 9:30 AM. We were in the first 75 or so to get in. We didn't get front row seats, but the section we were in, was still pretty close. Especially considering the fact that there were 6,500 people in the Hall. We were happy with our seats.

There was a bit of drama, about an hour before the first movie panel was supposed to come out. The drapery on the back wall decided to start toppling down on people. Thankfully, no one back there was hurt. So the movie studio panels were delayed a little bit, while they fixed the problems, and prevented any of the other curtains from falling down.

The Drapery Fiasco of 2008

Once that was fixed, it was time for our first movie panel. It was a remake from the 50's classic; The Day the Earth Stood Still. We got to see a couple exclusive scenes from the movie. It looks very good, and intense. In the panel from the movie, were Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly, and the director, and producer. I have to say that it was very surreal being right there in the audience with famous people, while they talked about their various movies.

Sorry, my camera doesn't take the best pictures, in semi dark rooms.

After that panel, the next one was the movie Max Payne, which I guess, is based on a video game. This stars Mark Wahlberg, Mila Something or other (The brunette from That 70's Show), and Ludacris, plus the director of the film was there. This movie looks very good too, but very very violent. I have a feeling that it will be R rated.

The extra Marky Mark pictures are just for you, Linny! :)

When that was done, we got a surprise guest. He was not on the agenda. It was Hugh Jackman! Everyone got on their feet and cheered, when he came out. He was there to promote the newly finished X-Men: Origins, Wolverine. Oh my goodness this looks amazing. I've been an X-Men fan, since my brother collected the comics, when we were growing up. I was never a big comic book reader, but I always loved those comics. And I am super excited to announce that Gambit, will be in the new movie! Laaaaaaaa! He is my absolute favorite character in X-Men, and I was always disappointed that they had left him out of the past three movies. A ton of people screamed when they saw him in the film. And Hugh said afterward, "I bet a lot of you are happy to see Gambit in this film!". The audience, including me, hooted and hollered.

Once those Q & A's were finished, it was time for the Summit Films panels. Which is the whole reason we were there. It was funny, because between the different studios panels, they have 15 minute breaks to let people leave if they are finished seeing what they wanted to, and so new people waiting outside can come in and find seats. Well after X-Men, practically no one left. The announcer kept on saying, please move to the center of your rows so people coming in can find a seat. And there was no where to move to. Even those that weren't Twilight fans, were curious, and stayed, because of all the buzz they were hearing around them, about the movie.

Anyway, Summit Films came out to announce the order of the movie panels, and people were already going crazy. Before Twilight though, they had two other films.

First was a movie called PUSH. This looks really, really good. Seriously every movie that we previewed looked so good. I don't know if this was just from all the excitement of the situation, or the huge movie screens & surround sound, or what. But every movie, I was interested in seeing after watching the exclusive scenes they showed us.

This movie stars Dakota Fanning, Camilla Bell, the "Human Torch" from Fantastic 4 (sorry I can't remember his name), and Djimon Hounsou. Everyone was there except Dakota. She was still stuck in traffic, so missed the panel.

When that was over, the director from the next movie came out. The movie was called Knowing. It stars Nicolas Cage. Unfortunately he wasn't there, just the director. This looks good. It is a premonition/numbers type disaster movie.

Now I don't have any video or pictures of the exclusive movie scenes we were shown of all the different movies. They asked us not to video tape that stuff. I respected their request.

After that, the Big Moment of Truth had arrived.....

Stay tuned for the next installment.

I know, I am so mean. But I don't want to make the post too long. I promise Twilighty goodness in the next day or so.