Friday, January 28, 2011

Yummy Rice Cereal

Quentin started eating rice cereal this month. He has really done such a good job eating, even from his first attempt. Here are some pictures and videos from his first experience.

I'm ready mama.

In goes the spoon.

Wow, that was yummy!

And this is what he did after he was finished. So I know he liked it. lol

He really loves his food. I'm excited to start feeding him veggies once he turns 6 months. Hopefully he will still love eating, once that occurs.

***For the fam, go here to see the post on our blog, so you can watch the videos.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meeting Santa Claus

In December our ward at church had a Christmas party. Jolly Old St. Nick surprised the kids with a visit. Dallin and Sierra were able to see him and get pictures.

Unfortunately Quentin wasn't able to meet him. He was cranky and ready to go home and sleep. I didn't think about pictures until after we had left the church. Darn!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas at Christmas

This year we spent a quiet Christmas at home, with Dan's parents. It was nice and relaxing.

Our Christmas tree.

Anxiously waiting to come downstairs.

Santa ate our cookies and left a note, yay!

Quentin, wondering what is going on.

Present time.

Sierra got these cute slipper socks from Gma.

Dan, happy about his gift. I got him flying lessons (in an airplane, not a la Peter Pan *hee hee*). :)

And this was my big gift. A Eureka Steam Mop. I was super excited, because it was what I wanted the most for Christmas.

Gma and Gpa helping Quentin opening his gifts. He really thought the presents were tasty. lol

We had a wonderful time remembering the birth of the Savior and being with loved ones.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Caught in the Act Finally!

I felt this deserved a separate post. I was finally able to catch Quentin smiling on camera! Yippee!

It was only a half smile, but "beggars can't be choosers" as the saying goes.

See, he does smile. I wasn't fibbing. lol

5 Months Old

Quentin is now in his 5th month, and continues to be a joy to us.

At 5 months he...
-Rolls over from back to tummy to back again
-Has started eating rice cereal and LOVES it
-Takes things off his face, by himself, if his face is covered
-Loves to blow violent raspberries
-Will hold his bottle by himself a little bit, before he gets distracted by something and forgets that he's the one doing the holding
-Is still stingy with his laughs, but that's okay
-Really loves watching Baby Mozart and Baby Beethoven
-Has for the most part got his nap schedule finally on track (knock on wood)

It's raspberry time!

Visiting with Donald

Saturday, January 15, 2011

In the Double Digits!

Dallin had his 10th birthday this past month. It blows my mind to think he is already 10 years old! Two years away from being in the Young Men's program at Church. Three years until he is a *gasp* TEENAGER!! Wow, it just goes by so quickly.

He had a nice birthday. He got to open his present from us (a Harry Potter Lego Game). Then we took him out to dinner at Red Robin.

Sierra is pouting because she didn't get an ice cream sundae. lol

By the end of dinner, Quentin was not a happy camper.

Then a few days later he had his party. Star Wars themed, of course. ;)

Silly boys, watching a Lego video they made together. They obviously thought it was hilarious.

They made star fighters that were, then, sent to destroy the Death Star.

L-R: Lucas, Connor, Alex, Sierra, Dallin, and Justus

Musical Chairs ala Star Wars themed music.

Millennium Falcon relay. Even Dan got in on the fun.

After the games and cake, it was present time.

Christmas at Thanksgiving

We went and visited my mom and family for Thanksgiving this year. So that meant we were able to have an early Christmas with them along with the Thanksgiving festivities.

Dallin & Sierra with their Uncle Ian

Great Grandpa meeting Quentin for the first time.

Enjoying all our goodies.