Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Visitors Galore

We had some visitors these past few days. Joe Cranston and his family came this past friday to visit until saturday. He and Sabrina have three kids now. Kayla is 5, Danny (named after my Danny :D ) is 3, and Jenna is 1. They are all such cuties.

Dallin and Sierra had a lot of fun playing with their 2nd cousins. And we had a nice visit with Joey and Sabrina. They are now on their way to visit their other family up in Oregon and Utah.

Then this past monday, Dan's parents came to visit for a couple days. They just left today. We had a nice visit with them. They spent most of the time outside. We banished them to the garage, lol. Just kidding, they have a bunch of stuff in the garage that they are trying to go through and clean out. This is their house we are living in. We rent it from them, while they live in Salinas. And we are grateful to have such a wonderful house to stay in while we are living here. We did have a nice time visiting. And the kids love having Grandma and Grandpa around. Especially so they can harrass Grandpa, *hee hee hee*.

That's it for now. Next week I might be a little late in posting. We are heading to Disneyland Resort for the week. Yippeee!!! So I'll have lots of exciting things to write about once we get back. Until then have a happy week and TTFN.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dallin's Kindie Graduation

Last Wednesday was Dallin's special last day of Kindergarten. He went early to have class with the morning Kindergarten class. He was in the afternoon class. But all the students were combined, for the last day of school.

At 10:30 Dan, Sierra, and I went to his school for their special presentation in the cafeteria. When we arrived, they had all the kids lined up on the stage in front. Dallin was in the second or third row, in the grass green shirt. After all the families arrived, it was time for the show.

The kids all sang songs for us, like "Slippery Fish", and "Everyone Grows". And some of the kids in the front row read some cute little poems for everyone. It was adorable watching all the kiddos singing and doing their movements to the songs.

After that they showed a slide show set to music, and then a little video from the kids "beach party" they got to have a few days earlier. I have to say watching pictures of the kids and seeing them playing with such wild abandon and innocence, brought tears to my eyes.

Once the performance was all over everyone got to have cookies and juice. Dallin went and gave his teacher Mrs. Aguilar a hug and we got a picture with her. She was a very good teacher. I am sure he will remember her always. After that we left school, and told Dallin we were going to take him out to lunch to celebrate, and he could pick. And drumroll please.....He picked....... McDonald's. lol

I can't believe how much Dallin has grown, when it seems like just yesterday I was holding his precious self in my arms. I am so proud of the great job he did in school, and of the boy he is and the man he will become.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Welcome Welcome..

It has been such a long time since many of you have heard from us. So to keep in better touch, I thought I'd start a blog. Got the brilliant idea from a friend who has one as well (Thank you Myrna!). Hope you all enjoy this. And maybe just maybe it will inspire all of you, to let us know what's up in your lives, as well. ;)

We are living in Central California now. We've lived here for a little over a year. I am really liking it here. It reminds me a lot of Chico. Same sized town, with lots of beautiful trees, and tons of friendly people. We'll be here for a couple more years, and then we'll move back up north. We wish we could move back to Chico, but more than likely that won't happen until Dan retires. So more than likely we'll move to the Sacramento area. We are just Northern Cali people at heart. So although this is a great place to live, it is just too far south for us.

Dan is working hard at the new prison in Delano. Tons of overtime, so we can reach our financial goals. He will have worked for CDC for 10 years in September, and he can't believe it's been that long already! He just got called in Church to be Sunday School President. He was the 2nd councilor before that. He'll do a great job, I know. He is still fishing bass tournaments, although he has cut down quite a bit, since moving here. It is still his passion (beside us and church, of course). And it keeps him sane, after working such a difficult job. I am happy he has something like that to enjoy and take his mind off work.

I (Amber) am enjoying being a fulltime mommy. It is a new adventure every day. Dallin and Sierra are such sweet and wonderful kids. And I try to be the best mom I can be for them. Unfortunately, being human, I fall short at times. But I get up and try again, knowing I can be better. I am still ebaying the kids clothing each season. I have closed my other business though, of selling for other companies on the computer. It was just too much stress for me. Another full time job really. So I felt it was best for me and my family that I stop. And I am glad I did! I am on the Enrichment Committee at Church. Which helps plan activities for the sisters of our ward. And can I say it is soooo nice not being in Primary for once. After 5 years in Primary, this is a much needed break. I am very glad to have it. Other than that, I am taking piano lessons. I've been at it for about 6 months now. It is a lot of fun. I am also involved in a once a month Bunko night, and also a Recipe Club with some friends. Both are a blast and a nice way to get out of the house and mingle with other girls without the kids. *hee hee*

Dallin is 6 years old now. Can you believe it?!! He is my caring, smart, sweet, goofy, and sensitive boy. He just graduated from Kindergarten on Wednesday. He loves school, and did so well in his first year. He can't wait to go to 1st grade this coming August. I hope he continues to love learning as much as he does now, all through his life.

Sierra is 4 years old now. She is my sweet, silly, over dramatic, rough and tumble, princess all rolled into one. She will be starting preschool in August. Which she is excited about. I know it will be good for her. Especially with Dallin going fulltime at school, in 1st grade. She really missed him this year while he was at school, for half days. So this will be a great thing for her. I know she will learn bunches, and make tons of friends. I just don't know what mommy is going to do with all that free time! lol

Well that is all for now. You are all up to date on what is going on with us. I hope you enjoy the blog. And that everyone on your end is healthy and happy.