Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Vegas Trip

In July, Dan and I went on a get away to Las Vegas, with his cousin Joe, and Joe's wife Sabrina.

While driving to Vegas, there was a summer storm that hit. Thankfully we got the tail end of it

Danny and I stayed at Caesar's Palace this time. It was a nice enough hotel, but not one we'd probably stay at again. Our favorite place to stay so far has been the Bellagio.

Our room

Our first night there we went to see the Cirque Du Soleil show; Le Reve. This show was really neat. It was all performed in water. Some of the stuff they did was amazing! This was the second Cirque show we've seen in Vegas. The other was Ka. Between the two, we liked Ka better. But Le Reve is definitely worth seeing at least once.

Joey and Sabrina

The next day Sabrina and I spent the morning at the spa. I got a fabulous massage and then we hung out in the saunas. So relaxing.

Entering the spa

Afterward, the four of us ate lunch at Bobby Flay's restaurant Mesa Grill. Oooh it was so yummy. His restaurant is a must eat at place! We asked our waiter how often Bobby comes in, and the waiter said Bobby actually comes every few weeks. That would've been fun to meet him.

Once lunch was over, Dan and I headed over to Bally's for our Price is Right live show. This was a lot of fun. A lot of people got called up to the stage to play, but unfortunately neither of us got called. Oh well it was still fun to participate in the audience. They actually had some cool prizes. A car, vacation, stainless fridge, etc.

When the show was over, the host, announcer, and "Barker's Beauties" were outside the theater meeting the audience. Dan took the opportunity to get a picture with the Beauties. ;p

After the show, Dan and I walked back to Caesar's to get some ice cream from Serendipity's. This is an ice cream parlor made famous in NY City. There are only three in the whole US. The two in NY and then the one we went to in Vegas. They are most famous for their Frozen Hot Chocolate. So I had to try it, while I could. It was so chocolaty and delicious!

The yummy goodness for your viewing pleasure

We then headed back to the hotel for a late afternoon/early evening swim. The pools there at Caesar's were cool. A lot of statuary and grottoes. There were no jacuzzis though, because they were still under construction. That was a bummer.

Later that evening Joe, Sabrina, Dan and I ate dinner at the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere. This is the restaurant that is, obviously, at the top of the tower. The Stratosphere hotel itself is a bit on the dumpy side. But the restaurant I highly recommend, if you ever get the chance to eat there. We try to go there on every trip, if we can. The food is excellent, and the view is amazing!

The restaurant actually rotates 360 degrees within the hour. So you are always seeing a new part of the Vegas strip and outlying area. Definitely go at night, with all the lights, it is so pretty.

A view of the Strip from the Top of the World restaurant

After dinner we said goodnight to Joe and Sabrina, while Dan and I headed back to our hotel for some dancing. We were going to go to Pure, but the line was miles long to get in. We didn't want to wait that long. So on our way back to our room we found a place called Cleopatra's Barge. It worked out perfectly. There was no cover charge, so we didn't feel like we had to stay there for hours on end. And they were playing a nice variety of retro 80's, and 90's dance music. Loved it, we had such a good time!

The next morning was our last day of our vacation. We ate at the breakfast buffet, then bade goodbye to the cousins. Then packed up our room and skedaddled. We stopped on our way home, at the outlet mall that is in Primm. After that we were homeward bound.

We had such a wonderful trip. There is so much to do in Vegas, even for those of us that don't gamble. I highly recommend going. :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Princess Camp

Sierra's summer camp this year was a Princess Camp. She did a bunch of princessy type stuff, and a ton of arts a crafts. On the final day, they had a princess makeover.

Sierra wore her favorite Cinderella costume. She got her face all prettied up. And got a beautiful crown and other jewels. Then all the princesses received their certificates.

Sierra had a good time! :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fire Camp

This summer both of the kids had the opportunity to go to a city run, week long, camp. Dallin chose Firefighter Camp. It was held at the new fire station in town.

He learned about fire safety, and first aid. Got to ride in the fire truck. Learned how to search and rescue people. Put on all the official fire gear. Used the hoses to put out fires.

On the last day all the kids had a free for all water day. They did various games with water, and got soaked to the bone.

At the end of his last day, they had a pizza luncheon for the kids and the families. With a "graduation" ceremony. Dallin got a certificate, pictures, a hat, and got to shake all the firefighters' hands.

Dallin had so much fun. We highly recommend this camp for those of you that are in our area.